David Venhuizen, P.E.

Contact Name: David Venhuizen
Business Name: David Venhuizen, P.E.
Address: 5803 Gateshead Drive
City: Austin
State: Texas
Postal Code: 78745
Country: USA
Phone: 512-442-4047
Phone 2: 512-633-1275
Service Area: Anywhere
Business Website Address: http://www.venhuizen-ww.com
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My practice focuses on:

Rainwater harvesting, both for water supply and as a contribution to stormwater control.

LID/volume-based hydrology as the foundation of stormwater/water quality management.

The decentralized concept of wastewater management, focusing on the reuse value of this water resource, from individual on-site systems up to whole community systems.

And tying these methods together to yield a resilient, integrated, rather decentralized 21st century water infrastructure system, the alternative to the prevailing 19th century model to which the “mainstream” water institutions remain addicted, to offer society the surest path to sustainable water.

Work includes planning, design and research.

Recently completed TWDB-funded investigation into building-scale rainwater harvesting as THE water supply strategy for whole developments.

Have planned, designed and overseen installation for over 20 years of on-site wastewater systems that feature high quality pretreatment in a robust, resilient recirculating biofilter treatment unit and dispersal in a subsurface drip irrigation field, arrayed to serve the highest value landscaping.

Planned, designed and executed approvals process for the first water quality management system in Austin that relies solely on infiltration rain gardens (bioretention beds) for water quality management, for a 13-townhome infill development.

See www.waterblogue.com for review and discussion of how society needs to proceed in order to move toward, rather than ever further way from, sustainable water.

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