Engineering Services

Contact Name: Lauren Ross
Phone: (512) 326-8880
Service Area: Austin
Business Category:
Contact Name: Lester Germanio
Phone: 512 476-6077
Service Area: Austin and surrounding area
Business Category:
Short Description of Services: Architectural and Structural Engineering
Expanded Clay Aggregate, ECA
Contact Name: Udeet J Banker
Phone: +917926462688
Service Area: Expanded Clay Aggregate also known as ECA or LECA, Lightweight expanded clay aggregate offered for Lightweight High Strength Structural Concrete, Precast and Prefab Industries, Thermal and Sound Insulation Concrete and Mortars, Landscaping, Agriculture, Horticulture, Acoustic Wall panels, Construction Wall panels, Construction Blocks and Tiles, Plastering, PCC, Waste Water treatment, Petrochemicals Oil and Gas, Geo technical related construction, Lightweight Sunken and Embankment fills and many versatile applications.