Contact Name: David Venhuizen
Phone: 512-442-4047
Service Area: Anywhere
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Short Description of Services: My practice focuses on:
Rainwater harvesting, both for water supply and as a contribution to stormwater control.
LID/volume-based hydrology as the foundation of stormwater/water quality management.
The decentralized concept of wastewater management, focusing on the reuse value of this water resource, from individual on-site systems up to whole community systems.
Innovative Water Solutions, LLC
Contact Name: Chris Maxwell-Gaines
Phone: 512-490-0932
Service Area: Texas
The Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems
Contact Name: Gail Vittori
Phone: 5129284786
Service Area: Texas, The U.S., and International Regions
Short Description of Services: The Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems, established in 1975, is a non-profit sustainable planning, design, and appropriate technology firm.